Popular Mechanics: 100 Skills Every Man Should Know

We recently picked up an issue of Popular Mechanics from a friend’s coffee table. At first we were excited. We haven’t read the magazine in a while, but we used to check it out at our grandpa’s house and we generally liked it. Then we came across 100 Skills Every Man Should Know and we had a few problems. Following is our list of the most egregious offenders. Skills that we don’t know and don’t think you should know either:

  • Escape a sinking car – Just because Dateline NBC tells us we need to know this on at least one special per year doesn’t mean we’re buying.
  • Remove bloodstains from fabric – If an item of clothing is important enough that a bloodstain matters, we take it to a professional. Let your dry cleaner handle this one.
  • Read an electric meter – There’s a guy whose job it is to read this. He does a pretty good job.
  • Mix concrete – Last time we checked there were pretty thorough instructions on the bag.
  • Iron a shirt – Really, find a good dry cleaner.
  • Fly a stunt kite – We don’t even recommend you know what a stunt kite is.
  • Install a graphics card – Not Mac users at the Popular Mechanics office, eh?

[Image via spike55151]

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