Be Your Own Marlboro Man

Despite being a fictional character, invented to sell cigarettes, the Marlboro Man has unquestionably become a enduring symbol of purely American manliness. Public attitudes toward smoking have certainly changed since the launch of the Marlboro Man campaign in 1954, but we’re guessing his image is still inspiring at least some wannabe cowboys to pick up a pack of Marlboro Reds. If you find yourself so inspired by the Marlboro Man, Tom Chiarella’s piece in Esquire is a must read. In it, Tom tells the mostly pro-cigarette story of his one-month journey to take up smoking at forty-six years old. The article is a great read, proves that you’re never too old to start imitating the Marlboro Man and provides an interesting look into the psychology and community of smoking, likely unknown to non-smokers.

[Image via mjpeacecorps]


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