Wild Yaks: Man Band

Consider this our first ever music post. We listen to more than our fair share of music, but we’ve never been inspired to post any of it. That ended last night when we caught the Wild Yaks’ live show and were completely blown away.

Wild Yaks are Brooklyn-based shoe salesmen by day (we all need shoes, right?) and purveyors of raw flannel-fueled rock and roll by night. The video above for “River May Come” is a fair representation of the band. They’re great on record and even better live. Get a taste of both formats over on their MySpace. Do not miss a chance to see them live and make sure you’re prepared with at least two full beers at the start of their set. Trust us, once the music starts the beers will disappear before you know it.


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2 responses to “Wild Yaks: Man Band

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  2. yes.

    yes. your beers will be thrown and/or poured from on high, down on to your ecstatic face.

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