Valet: The Handbook

Valet, an often excellent online men’s magazine, is kicking-off the new year by posting a new “tip, trick or tool” to their Handbook each day in January. We’re writing this at the mid-point of January, but we’re more than comfortable recommending this column as a must-read for the rest of the month. Although we’re firmly in the camp of never washing jeans, we appreciated the rest of their when to wash advice. We’re huge fans of Mad Men and are thrilled that we can now justify spraying our furniture with vodka to our girlfriends. We’ve never read What I Saw Today (we might have to start), but we’re incredibly happy to see Valet advising men to embrace a smaller high-quality wardrobe. When we spend our money, it’s on quality. We’re in the depths of winter right now, so we own three flannels; if we’re not heading to a meeting you can count on us being in one of them.


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