From the people who brought you Ong Bak comes a special-needs girl, with a special need to kick some ass.

We’re not exactly connoisseurs of Thai cinema (we missed Ong Bak), but we were thoroughly impressed by the above trailer for Chocolate. Chocolate is the story of an autistic girl (Zen) who grows up next to a Muay Thai studio and spends all of her childhood watching martial arts films. Through such continued exposure to martial arts, Zen, as the clip above shows, becomes something of a martial arts prodigy. Zen’s father was driven from Thailand by gangsters and when her mother is diagnosed with cancer, Zen sets out to collect her father’s old debts.

The director of the film, Prachya Pinkaew, met the star, Yanin Vismistananda, in 2003 and was impressed by the 19 year-old’s taekwondo skills. Vismistananda spent the next five years undergoing additional martial arts training for the role, while Pinkaew developed the script specifically for its star. The film will see limited release in New York February 6 and 7, and somewhat wider release February 14 (perfect Valentine’s date movie!). Play dates.


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