Black Sabbath “Snowblind”: More Rock Than You Can Handle

Reality TV has done a lot of evil shit. But perhaps nothing more evil than create a generation of kids who think of Ozzy Osborne as some washed-up, mumbling, over-the-hill rocker. We can’t help but feel like the show has diminished his legacy as one of the most rockin’ dudes of all time. And so we present you with the above performance of “Snowblind.”

Sure we could have posted other Black Sabbath songs, but we all kind of already know that “War Pigs” and “Paranoid” are insane jams. And we’re trying to introduce you to some other shit (also see: “Children of the Grave“). Besides, have you ever seen a more inspired performance than the one Ozzy puts on for “Snowblind”? It puts icicles within our brains.

On a related note, who else can make a frilly leather jacket look that awesome? We’re pretty sure it’s only Ozzy. But we’re almost attempted to try.

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