Three Sheets: This Show Is Not A Drinking Game

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even though I’m loving the transition to digital broadcasting, getting rid of your cable television has its drawbacks (especially since it’s shark week). But one of the advantages is that it forces you discover new shows, if only because they’re available free on-line. The best I’ve found in a long time is Three Sheets with Zane Lamprey. The premise is simple: Zane travels to a different destination for each show and spends 30 minutes exploring the drinking culture of that location; mostly by getting drunk. Simple enough. I’ve posted the Thailand episode above (I’m partial to Chang), but you can explore your favorite places to drink via the three seasons that are currently available on Hulu.

What really impresses me about this show is how much could go wrong, but doesn’t. Zane manages to be just bro-dude enough to get along with the type of people one would meet at a bar who want to be on camera, but manages to stop short of being Dane Cook. And the guy somehow manages to be just barely charming enough and just funny enough that you like him, but yet you aren’t entirely sure how he got this show. The show also strikes that perfect balance between being entertaining and also educational. Sure a lot of that education is booze related, but who among us couldn’t stand to gain from some more educated drinking? Dare I say that Zane Lamprey is the Alton Brown of drinking (sorry Kevin Brauch: you try hard, but you’re just not that good).

Oh yeah. The show also makes a good drinking game. The rules are nicely summarized on Wikipedia.


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