Yes He Can: Leonid Chernovetsky Campaigns For Permanent Mayor Of Dudetown

[Image via: Stuck In Customs]

Saturday’s New York Times has a pretty amazing profile of the Leonid Chernovetsky, the mayor of Ukraine’s capital and largest city, Kiev. Apparently he’s planning to run for president of Ukraine during the next election cycle, but should he ever tire of Ukrainian politics, I’m pretty sure he’s got a permanent position locked up as mayor of dudetown.

Sure he’s a lawyer and a wealthy businessman (he owns one of Ukraine’s largest banks) and, or course, he owns his own soccer team (FC Arsenal Kiev), but his similarities to other major political figures pretty much ends there. Apparently Ukraine’s parliament and most of the people of Kiev think he’s bat-shit nuts, but Ukraine’s political system is so fucked at the moment that no one can seem to cooperate long enough to get him out of office. The NYT goes the politically correct route and refers to him as “unpredictable”, but I’m not afraid to call him awesome. The second paragraph of the Times article is representative of his pretty incredible hi-jinks:

When Parliament members said he was acting bizarrely and needed a psychiatric exam, he went to a stadium where he jogged for the cameras before yanking off his shirt and doing pull-ups. He swam laps and flexed his muscles like Charles Atlas. Then he held a news conference — in his tiny bathing suit.

Some of Lenny Cosmos’ other greatest hits include offering to sell his kisses in a lottery, frequently breaking into song in the middle of meetings, releasing a CD of him singing popular Soviet ballads (“Who sings better than me? Nobody does besides God.”), and firing a Kiev zoo director for not finding a suitable mate for an elephant (seems reasonable). Mr. Chernovetsky would you please be my mayor?


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