DreamWorks Refuses To Take My Money

Last night I decided to spend a quiet night at home watching “I Love You, Man” (It’s okay; worth your time, but not incredibly memorable. Jon Favreau plays a great bit-role.). Given my new laptop to tv set-up, I thought I would rent an HD movie via iTunes. Knowing that all movies aren’t necessarily available for rent via iTunes, I was even willing to outright purchase the movie. Basically, I was willing to spend anywhere from $3 to $10 to watch the movie. If only DreamWorks would let me.

To my surprise, the movie was nowhere to be found in the iTunes store. At this point, what choice did I have but to head over to Mininova? Via their torrent search, I had a DVD-rip on my computer, for free, in under 20 minutes. I tried to do the right thing, but movie studios are making it hard on me. And doing the illegal thing is so easy. Certainly I can’t be the only person who would gladly pay for movies if given the choice. cnet has a good rundown of the complicated and incredibly archaic reasoning that movie studios are employing to keep me from giving them my money. Certainly there has to be a better way.

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