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Three Sheets: This Show Is Not A Drinking Game

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Even though I’m loving the transition to digital broadcasting, getting rid of your cable television has its drawbacks (especially since it’s shark week). But one of the advantages is that it forces you discover new shows, if only because they’re available free on-line. The best I’ve found in a long time is Three Sheets with Zane Lamprey. The premise is simple: Zane travels to a different destination for each show and spends 30 minutes exploring the drinking culture of that location; mostly by getting drunk. Simple enough. I’ve posted the Thailand episode above (I’m partial to Chang), but you can explore your favorite places to drink via the three seasons that are currently available on Hulu.

What really impresses me about this show is how much could go wrong, but doesn’t. Continue reading


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What Could Go Wrong?

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New York Times: “Two States Legalize Guns in Bars

I won’t make you read the whole article: it’s Tennessee and Arizona. Don’t go there.

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Gorilla Coffee

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We drink a lot of coffee. Our first cup each morning is really just an aperitif for cups two through five. And nothing makes us happier than our morning coffee. So we consider ourselves thoroughly qualified coffee judges (the Jeffrey Steingartens of coffee, if you will). We like our coffee hot, bold and black (put milk in your cereal, but don’t ruin your coffee with it). We’ve tried our fair share of brands over the years, but by far the best out there is Brooklyn’s own Gorilla Coffee. Continue reading

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Perfect Cerveza: Sol

We recently spent some time in Mexico. Our days were spent on the beach reading and field testing various brands of cerveza. After extensive research, in optimal cerveza tasting conditions, we’re able to conclusively report that Sol need be your beach cerveza of choice.

All Sol is brewed in Mexico by Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery, at several of their brewery locations. Although originally introduced in 1890 under the name El Sol, the brand has never changed its outstanding logo and has made only minor packaging changes. Legend has it that Sol was born when a German brewmaster observed that a ray of sunshine fell into the brewing pot, and we tend to believe it. Because of it was much lighter than the many European beers that dominated the Mexican market at the time, Sol was originally marketed as a refreshing beer for the working class to enjoy while resting after a hard day of manual labor. Whether or not you find yourself in Mexico anytime soon, you can still count on Sol to provide the perfect refreshment on a hot day. Sol can be found in most countries and is imported in the United States by Heineken USA and England by Coors.

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