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This Blog Is Curated Asshole

As the long-time chief executive curator and managing editor of Radix Man, I found Alex Williams’ article in today’s New York Times highly offensive. Clearly Mr. Williams has no idea how much effort goes into curating a blog about dudes. This blog is not written, it is curated.

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Details Declares That The Print Magazine Is Not Dead Yet

The September 2009 issue weighs in at 268 pages.

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Fuck Everything… The Best Thing We’ve Ever Read

We spend a lot of time on-line. We spend a lot of the rest of our time reading (mostly magazines, but reading none the less). We took a vote and we still haven’t read anything as funny as a 2004 op-ed in The Onion by the CEO of Gillette. Usually we’d provide a sample quote, but how to choose? The article is short enough anyway, so just go read: Fuck Everything, We’re Doing Five Blades.

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NYT: What Do Women Want?

[Image via: TCM Hitchhiker]

We opened our New York Times Magazine this morning and were immediately drawn to the featured titled “What Do Women Want?“. A question we’re absolutely clueless about and are pretty thrilled that some serious journalists from the NYT are going to tackle for us. We flip to the feature to find a fairly erotic picture (for the New York Times anyway) and then read the first sentence:

Meredith Chivers is a creator of bonobo pornography.

We don’t know what bonobo means, but at this point we’re thoroughly hooked. So we read on. And that’s when things got ugly. Continue reading

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Valet: The Handbook

Valet, an often excellent online men’s magazine, is kicking-off the new year by posting a new “tip, trick or tool” to their Handbook each day in January. We’re writing this at the mid-point of January, but we’re more than comfortable recommending this column as a must-read for the rest of the month. Although we’re firmly in the camp of never washing jeans, we appreciated the rest of their when to wash advice. We’re huge fans of Mad Men and are thrilled that we can now justify spraying our furniture with vodka to our girlfriends. We’ve never read What I Saw Today (we might have to start), but we’re incredibly happy to see Valet advising men to embrace a smaller high-quality wardrobe. When we spend our money, it’s on quality. We’re in the depths of winter right now, so we own three flannels; if we’re not heading to a meeting you can count on us being in one of them.

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GQ: Now 20% Lazier

First, we love GQ. We’re long-time subscribers and we’re always excited to get the latest issue in the mail. But what is going on with The Verge 25? The Verge 25 has always been our least favorite section, but now they’ve taken to publishing “chats” between their editors and contributors. Not only are these chats barely readable, they’re really just lazy. In the December 2008 issue they devote 4 full pages to publishing Will Welch’s Thursday afternoon G-chat. Even The Fader is doing this shit, but at least they aren’t publishing it and making us pay for it.

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Playgirl Latest Victim Of Financial Crisis


In what can only be described as completely predictable, it seems Playgirl magazine has closed its doors. The New York Times did a relatively interesting, if poorly edited, piece about the magazine’s demise. Apparently, three twenty-somethings with little experience spent several years trying to make the cock-shot monthly reflect a more refined voice. Ultimately, they failed but who can really blame them in this terrible media environment? And now the only place left for overly buff male models to find work is the old stand-by of gay porn.

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