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It Has Now Been 0 Days Since Kanye Posted a Yacht

WOW by Kanye West.

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Black Sabbath “Snowblind”: More Rock Than You Can Handle

Reality TV has done a lot of evil shit. But perhaps nothing more evil than create a generation of kids who think of Ozzy Osborne as some washed-up, mumbling, over-the-hill rocker. We can’t help but feel like the show has diminished his legacy as one of the most rockin’ dudes of all time. And so we present you with the above performance of “Snowblind.”

Sure we could have posted other Black Sabbath songs, but we all kind of already know that “War Pigs” and “Paranoid” are insane jams. And we’re trying to introduce you to some other shit (also see: “Children of the Grave“). Besides, have you ever seen a more inspired performance than the one Ozzy puts on for “Snowblind”? It puts icicles within our brains.

On a related note, who else can make a frilly leather jacket look that awesome? We’re pretty sure it’s only Ozzy. But we’re almost attempted to try.

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New York Times Still Reading Radix Man

The New York Times yesterday briefly recommended the “raucous” Wild Yaks show at Monkey Town on New Years Eve in their Ringing in the New on the Cheap article. We couldn’t agree more and we can’t help but notice a pattern.

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Five Things You Should Know About Kanye’s Blog

  1. Yes, he really writes it. And yes, you should read it. He posts with incredible frequency, but you can skim past most posts about sneakers, cars, etc. Even some of those posts are interesting, and they’re easily worth putting up with for his more fulfilling posts.
  2. If you’re a member of the media, don’t misquote him, don’t publish pictures of him he doesn’t like and don’t generally piss him off. He’ll call you out on the blog every time.
  3. Dude’s houses must be full of chairs. We like chairs as much as the next guy, but Kanye really posts a lot of chairs.
  4. He reads Perez Hilton. A lot.

[Image via NRK P3]

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Wild Yaks: Man Band

Consider this our first ever music post. We listen to more than our fair share of music, but we’ve never been inspired to post any of it. That ended last night when we caught the Wild Yaks’ live show and were completely blown away.

Wild Yaks are Brooklyn-based shoe salesmen by day (we all need shoes, right?) and purveyors of raw flannel-fueled rock and roll by night. The video above for “River May Come” is a fair representation of the band. They’re great on record and even better live. Get a taste of both formats over on their MySpace. Do not miss a chance to see them live and make sure you’re prepared with at least two full beers at the start of their set. Trust us, once the music starts the beers will disappear before you know it.


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