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Andy Samberg/ SNL Digital Shorts

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We haven’t seen Saturday Night Live in some time and we doubt we could make it through an entire episode, but we found ourselves watching a few clips on Hulu recently. Hulu was, of course, the destination for Tina Fey clips during the election, but we were pleasantly surprised by Any Samberg’s SNL Digital Shorts. We’re all familiar with Dick in the Box, but dude seems to be pretty consistently turning out funny content. In addition to the above clip, make sure to check out Lazy Sunday and Ras Trent (stick around for the pay-off when Ras Trent walks past some black Rastafarians). Could this dude save Saturday Night Live? It’s a herculean task, to say the least, but we’re enjoying watching Samberg try. Just don’t make another Hot Rod movie.

Oh yeah, Doogie Howser Theme is pretty good too.

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