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How To Pick A Bicycle Color

[Image via EugeniusD80]

We’ve long been big fans of Surly products. The Steamroller is a classic that won’t go away any time soon, I never leave home without my Jethro Tool (also good for opening beers) and my chain tensioner will long outlast my current frame. We also happen to wholeheartedly agree with Surly’s color design philosophy. As the description for the Steamroller reads “paint and decals don’t make a bike ride well.” Amen to that. We’re not saying color doesn’t matter, but we’ve always thought of our bikes as workhorses and have chosen colors accordingly. My every day bike is covered with black electrical tape and Transportation Alternatives stickers. My second bike is matte black. So we were more than happy to see Surly defend their color choices on their blog when taken to task by the Minneapolis City Pages. Keep doing what you’re doing boys and let others agonize over bike colors.

P.S. – The dark gray steamroller is a classic. We’re just sayin.


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