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New York Times Discovers The Wrestler

Apparently the New York Times discovered The Wrestler this weekend and decided to publish not one, but two articles on the movie this Sunday. The first was a short, but interesting piece on the film’s writer Robert Siegel. We’re even willing to forgive the questionable choice of accompanying photography by Tony Cenicola here given how much we enjoyed the profile of the former Onion editor tapped for the project by director Darren Aronofsky.

If you’ve only got time for one article, however, we highly recommend the Times Sunday Magazine piece on Mickey Rourke. We generally like the Times, but we’re still glad to see this profile get the Magazine treatment, which means using excellent non-staff photography and words by Pat Jordan. Rourke tears up throughout the interview, something he apparently does at the same point in all of his canned stories, and we learn that virtually everything Rourke has told us about his life is a lie. Does this change our opinion of Rourke? Not really; we knew he was unstable and generally not agreeable. Does it make us any less exited for The Wrestler? Not a chance.

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Mickey’s Back

Just in time for the holiday season, boxer turned actor back to boxer and now actor again Mickey Rourke is proving why quitting his original day job was the best decision he ever made. The Wrestler is the story of a formerly famous professional wrestler (played by Rourke), past his prime and forced to try to relive his glory days in New Jersey gymnasiums in front of dozens of screaming fans. So far we’ve only seen the trailer, but we like what we’ve seen and Rourke looks amazing. The Wrestler is directed by the extremely capable Darren Aronofsky of Pi and Requiem for a Dream fame. If you need to convince your girlfriend to see it with you the synopsis says something about an estranged daughter and trying to form relationships; plus it won the Golden Lion at the 2008 Venice Film Festival. Unless Tim Allen manages to pull off an Oscar-worthy performance in The Santa Clause 6, make The Wrestler your must-see holiday movie.



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