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Crappy Viral Marketing Campaign Taking To The Subway

It seems that NBC is supplementing it’s terrible New York Times “viral” ads with ad buys for Kings in New York City’s subway. Are we the only ones who think they stole that logo from the Freelancers Union subway ads? Just when we thought this campaign couldn’t get any worse, NBC ups the ante by stealing intellectual property from a non-profit organization. Did they at least use freelance designers for the logo?


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NBC Takes Viral Marketing To New Low

Just when we thought viral marketing couldn’t possibly go any lower, a major media outlet takes the medium to even lazier new depths. Today NBC took out banner and sidebar ads on various stories appearing on The New York Times site that link to fake news site UNN Reports. NBC interns must have worked overtime to fill the UNN Reports site with content that amounts to 5 headlines, 2 of which link to actual content. That content comes in the form of horribly written news items about Gilboa and Gath, the two nations (kingdoms?) at the center of NBC’s new spring drama “Kings”. The longest of these two highly informative articles weighs in at a whopping 10 sentences.

Our questions for NBC are this: Why even bother taking out “viral” ads in as prominent a website as nytimes.com just to link to an obviously fake news site with barely any content? Is this supposed to make us want to watch “Kings”? Why would we believe that NBC put any more effort into producing “Kings” than they did this terrible marketing campaign? There’s virtually no chance we would have watched the show to begin with, but at this point we have no choice but to boycott. Does NBC really think its audience is this stupid?

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Update here.

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