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This Blog Is Curated Asshole

As the long-time chief executive curator and managing editor of Radix Man, I found Alex Williams’ article in today’s New York Times highly offensive. Clearly Mr. Williams has no idea how much effort goes into curating a blog about dudes. This blog is not written, it is curated.

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Yes He Can: Leonid Chernovetsky Campaigns For Permanent Mayor Of Dudetown

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Saturday’s New York Times has a pretty amazing profile of the Leonid Chernovetsky, the mayor of Ukraine’s capital and largest city, Kiev. Apparently he’s planning to run for president of Ukraine during the next election cycle, but should he ever tire of Ukrainian politics, I’m pretty sure he’s got a permanent position locked up as mayor of dudetown.

Sure he’s a lawyer and a wealthy businessman (he owns one of Ukraine’s largest banks) and, or course, he owns his own soccer team (FC Arsenal Kiev), but his similarities to other major political figures pretty much ends there. Continue reading

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What Could Go Wrong?

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New York Times: “Two States Legalize Guns in Bars

I won’t make you read the whole article: it’s Tennessee and Arizona. Don’t go there.

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Seth Rogen Screen Test

I’ve never seen the New York Times’ Screen Test series before. And although Superbad may be the best movie since Rushmore (I actually watched the director’s commentary and it was funny – you won’t catch me saying that about many movies), I wouldn’t really consider myself a big Seth Rogan fan. But somehow this video works. Maybe I just like Seth Rogan’s raspy voice combined with the visual aesthetic of this video, but I think it’s pretty funny. I probably could have done without the ‘We make movies for ourselves’ cliche.

Does anyone really think he’s a sex symbol? Maybe there’s hope for me yet.

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NYT: What Do Women Want?

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We opened our New York Times Magazine this morning and were immediately drawn to the featured titled “What Do Women Want?“. A question we’re absolutely clueless about and are pretty thrilled that some serious journalists from the NYT are going to tackle for us. We flip to the feature to find a fairly erotic picture (for the New York Times anyway) and then read the first sentence:

Meredith Chivers is a creator of bonobo pornography.

We don’t know what bonobo means, but at this point we’re thoroughly hooked. So we read on. And that’s when things got ugly. Continue reading

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Crappy Viral Marketing Campaign Taking To The Subway

It seems that NBC is supplementing it’s terrible New York Times “viral” ads with ad buys for Kings in New York City’s subway. Are we the only ones who think they stole that logo from the Freelancers Union subway ads? Just when we thought this campaign couldn’t get any worse, NBC ups the ante by stealing intellectual property from a non-profit organization. Did they at least use freelance designers for the logo?


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New York Times Still Reading Radix Man

The New York Times yesterday briefly recommended the “raucous” Wild Yaks show at Monkey Town on New Years Eve in their Ringing in the New on the Cheap article. We couldn’t agree more and we can’t help but notice a pattern.

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