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They Live We Sleep

We had mixed feelings when we heard recently that Universal is planning to remake They Live. Sure they’ve got John Carpenter on board as an executive producer, but can they really recreate the late-80’s magic of Carpenter, Roddy Piper and Keith David? And just as important, who will play Nada and how can they possibly match Piper’s performance?

For those unfamiliar, They Live is the story of a down on his luck laborer, John Nada (Roddy Piper), who discovers “special glasses” that give him the ability to see subliminal messages behind everything from advertising (consume, reproduce, obey) to money (this is your God), as well as to see that most politicians and business leaders are in fact aliens disguised as humans. Any recap we would try to give here couldn’t possibly do the movie justice, but suffice to say Nada and fellow laborer Frank Armitage (Keith David) go on a two man crusade to put an end to the evil aliens intent on enslaving the human race.

Simply put, They Live is easily one of the best movies ever made and contains more than its fair share of quotable lines expertly delivered by Roddy Piper. In our google search for more information on the remake we got incredibly distracted when we discovered that you can stream the entire movie on google video. So really you’ve got no excuse not to watch this one. But just in case you need one more reason, Shepard Fairey of recent Obama art fame added the word “Obey” to his famous Andre the Giant street art after being inspired by They Live. So there you have it; an incredible movie with relevance in contemporary art and politics.

[Image via RO-BOT]

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