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National Counterterrorism Center 2009 Calendar

[Image via: billypalooza]

We know its mid-January, but if you haven’t purchased your 2009 calendar (and you still buy calendars) listen up. The National Counterterrorism Center has released their 2009 calendar. And it’s free!

Not only does this calendar come in a convenient 162 page format, it allows you to organize your life while learning about the NCTC’s most wanted and the reward for their capture. It also includes the dates of past major terror attacks and other milestones in the history of terror organizations, ensuring that you never again miss the anniversary of Al-Faran guerrillas kidnapping H.C. Ostroe! The calendar is available for download in PDF format via NCTC’s website.

Not sold yet? Well, there’s always the Sarah Palin 2009 Calendar.


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