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Find No Fee Apartments In NYC

I’ve lived in New York City for several years and recently celebrated the first time I’ve ever lived in the same apartment for longer than one year. I’m an experienced mover, but I hate moving. Like most New Yorkers, one of the worst parts of moving is the virtually inevitable broker’s fee. Sure Craigslist has plenty of apartments listed in the “No Fee” category, but based on my experience, a solid 90% of listings are traps set by brokers (and I’m being conservative). Enter RentHop. Not only is it much easier to use than Craiglist (the map feature is especially nice), but all of their listings are no fee. The downside is that they don’t really have a secret formula for finding no fee apartments. They’ve simply compiled publicly available information on buildings that tend to rent directly to renters. What does this mean for you? It means that most of their rentals are large door-man buildings and they don’t offer much outside of Manhattan. Still, I like the concept and I look forward to seeing how the site evolves and what this start-up has to offer in the future.

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