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Start Shaving Like a Man

You can usually find us wearing a beard or stubble of some sort, but inevitably there always comes a time to shave. Until recently we didn’t think there were any serious options beyond our trusted Mach 3. We were wrong.

We recently purchased a vintage straight razor and had it honed (a must if you’re buying a vintage or new razor) by one of the many mail-in services you can easily find on-line. We’re still learning the finer points of straight razor shaving for sure, but we’ve found that it has taken our shaving experience from a necessary nuisance to to an extremely satisfying ritual. Every part of the shaving routine – from lathering up, to stropping the razor, to running the straight blade along your skin – has become incredibly masculine in its own way. You need to devote a bit more time to your straight razor shave so we haven’t thrown away the Mach 3, but when you have the time, the straight razor is well worth the investment.

You can find new straight razors for sale on Amazon (we recommend German manufacturer Dovo), along with all of the shaving accessories you’ll need for your straight razor shave (at a minimum you’ll need to purchase a strop if you’ve never used a straight razor). If you want to go the vintage route, we recommend purchasing a honed razor from a trusted source like the classifieds at Straight Razor Place or the store at Madaspen Home. There’s no lack of straight razor tutorials on-line and on YouTube, but we’ve found the information and forums at Straight Razor Place indispensable during our learning process.

[Image via J. Mark Bertrand]

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